UX process: A groundwork for effective design teams

User Experience practice is about innovating and finding solutions to real-world problems. Which means we need to find problems, then validate them first before trying to fix them. So how do we go about doing all this? Read on... I've been asked to explain a "Good UX Process" numerous times over the years in consulting. Customers want... Continue reading

Six competencies for strong CX management

Customer Experience Management is bloody challenging. Delivering a consistent (and pleasurable) experience across dozens of channels requires well-defined CX practices that are deeply ingrained within the organisational culture. Forrester first published CXM maturity framework in 2011 which defines the CX practices that every firm needs to master. Naturally, a lot of companies jumped on board with... Continue reading

Why user experience matters

User Experience is a means to drive product innovation and differentiation. When implemented successfully, UX contributes to a number of critical business key performance indicators including customer engagement, retention, and loyalty. Over the last two decades, most of the fortune 500 companies have come to the realisation that UX is an integral part of their... Continue reading

What is user experience design?

User Experience (UX) is everything that affects a user’s behaviour and interaction with a product or service. It’s about how a person feels, understands, and perceives a product. Many people confuse UX with aesthetics of a product. User Experience Design - rather than focusing just on visual or technical aspects, largely deals with the psychology and... Continue reading